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Pico de la Zarza is located on the peninsula of Jandia, which is on the southern tip of the Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is known for its beautiful white beaches, clear water and great conditions to lounge around, but do not kid yourself. If you have come to the Fuerte and want to fry on the nearest beach, you have demonstrate incredible ignorance, because THOSE VIEWS are worth switching from rest to active mode ;).

If you are not a kitesurfer or triathlete (Fuerta has ideal conditions for both), I suggest you to climb the peak of Pico de la Zarza. This is the highest point on the island, rising to a height of 807 m above the sea level. But this is not an ordinary summit. The uniqueness of this place is due to its geological history, which is long and complicated, so I will confine myself to saying that Zarza is the slope of the volcano, and when you reach the top you see the ocean in a place where once there were bands of volcanic craters. In illustrative purposes I will put photos and videos, but know that what you see when you stand at the top will probably be the greatest views in your life, and nothing is able to capture it.


Can You handle it?

Sure! You not even need to be clad from head to toe in Nike. 🙂 Just a little desire, a few free hours and a large supply of water. This approach is usually mild, with the exception of a two steeper parts. The only obstacle is the burning sun and strong wind. Fortunately hat, sunscreen cream, usual precautions, and adherence to the delimitation trail is enough to survive. With this following of the designated path is not a joke, because the winds tend to be overwhelming – literally ;).


How much does it take?

Well, I will say like this: there are at least few versions. At the entrance to the trail, tourist sign suggests that the entry should last 3 hours 20 minutes. But for me the whole route (entry and descent) took 3 hours and 10 minutes. Therefore, when you have a broken leg or will crawl to the peak, the whole trip will take 7 hours in the worse case. But it seems to me that this is an extreme scenario and you should make it in about 4 hours.

How to get there?

Pico de la Zarza is located on the peninsula of Jandia, which is on the southern tip of the island. The trail begins in the small resort of Solana Matorral located 3 km from Morro Jable. For non-motorized a bus from Puerto del Rossario to Morro Jable is a good option. The cost of such pleasure is €12 per person (one way) and that is a lot. So let’s consider the option of renting a car. Unless you are king of the road, which traverses the life in the latest BMW Cabriolet, easily you can rent a car (for example, the new Renault Clio) for €35 per day (+ €15 fuel, which is relatively cheap). Additionally car option gives ability to directly reach out to the launch site. Leave the car on a small parking lot near the trail entrance and start Your adventure!


What awaits you on the road?

Herd of goats! Seriously, it’s a lot of them. Additionally, the picturesque landscape consisting of volcanic, harsh mountainsides and blue ocean. Zero vegetation that provides shelter from the sun. At the top a few green bushes and all that. The rest is sunburned. It sounds like a scene from the march in the desert. And I will not lie to anyone – it is. At the top prize waiting for you …even two! First, you enter to a clouds and you feel cold – immediate relief (at the highest point above the peak a bunch of clouds is creating constantly – I would describe why this is so, but I do not know if anyone is interested in the processes of condensation, so I’ll just say that the effect is amazing), and then, just when you think you’ve seen a lot, you’re standing at the top and see … Well, you have to see it for yourself!

The last few tips. Go in the morning. Firstly it will be cooler, and secondly, you have a chance to continue visiting this place from a different perspective. More than 800 meters tall rock wall – you can also see it from the other side by driving 50 km around the mountain range, but more on that in another post – Cofete – raw paradise beach. And finally, a “caution” tip. Watch out on the top! Don’t take stupid selfies from the edge unless you have a parachute 😉 – wind can be strong!


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